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Simon Abberley

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Weekdays 12:00 - 16:00


Sy started the DJing path back in school where he was introduced to the idea of playing 2 tunes together to make something new.

Sy likes all kinds of music within the 'urban' genre from house, to German Schranz and back to the good old UK Drum and Bass.

Usually Sy plays House as his main syle. Sy will try just about anything to lay his hands on a set of decks at any oppertunity, he will play anything he can lay his hands on - even on some rare occaisons to play a bit of Britney Spears!

Currently learning the art of DMC Scratching, most tracks played end up being cut up in a live production in the hunt for more technical tricks while playing the decks.

Sy likes most things technical and has plenty of gadgets to show off - usually overly complex for the task in hand, but wouldnt have it any other way.





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  • OliverSudden: Tonight Andy Deluvian joins me for another programme of music to caress your ears and chat which will make you sit up
  • Lachie Mor: That's another HOOLIE.. Oidche Mhath Maa Haa
  • Lachie Mor: Good Evening Feasgar Mhath Lochaber Smile
  • Lachie Mor: Here goes another HOOLIE hetre at Nevis Radio Smile
  • OliverSudden: Welcome to the most ridiculously eclectic choice of music. Hope you enjoy.
  • Lachie Mor: Oidche Mhath Maa Haa.. Goodnight Smile
  • Lachie Mor: Sláinthe Mhath! Ciamar a tha thu? Shaa Groovy
  • Lachie Mor: Capitals eh? Feasgar Mhath Lochaber !! Smile
  • Lachie Mor: fEASGAR mHATH lOCHABER Smile
  • Lachie Mor: Hey I'm back with another HOOLIE! Smile
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