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If This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view would like to be featured and interviewed please get in touch with our head of music John Weller to arrange a chat.



Russan Ninjas

The Russian Ninjas are a four piece indie/rock based in Glasgow and are originally from Fort William.


The Band

Jamie Coltart - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Andrew MacGillivray - Lead Guitar

Thumb McGarry - Bass, Vocals
Jamie Allanach - Drums, Vocals

Studio Interview 15th July 2011






The Shine   

Here is what happened when The Shine popped into the studio for a chat


The Band

Paul Martin - Guitar,Vocals

Jamie Donaghy - Guitar, Vocals

Matt Cooper - Bass

Tom Jenkins - Drums

Marc Comiskey - Lead Guitar

Studio Interview 19th August 2011








Anita Maj

Singer/Songwriter Anita is based in London & has a feisty edge to her music.


The Band

Anita Maj


Live Phone Interview 18th November 2011







From Glasgow, Raintown have a great mix of country, celtic and pop in their sound and it

all blends together & makes a really nice unique listening experience.


The Band

Paul Bain

Claire McArthur


Live Phone Interview 4th November 2011






Bronco Fiasco (We Are Soul)

Bronco Fiasco are a hard rockin, hard workin band from Fort William

Formerly known as We Are Soul with which had a fantastic and enthusiastic following.


The Band

Marc Mcmaster - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals

Robert Hunter  - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Paul Macdonald - Lead Guitar

Graham Mckenzie - Drums


Studio Interview with Marc McMaster 11th July 2011

Stuck In A Rut Accoustic 11th July 2011                      




Saxon are a British heavy metal band formed back in 1976.

They were about to embark on a mini UK tour, and John Weller had a chat with Biff Byford.


The Band

Biff Byford - Vocals

Paul Quinn - Lead Guitar

Nigel Glockler - Drummer

Nibbs Carter - Bass

Doug Scarratt - Rhythm Guitar


Recorded Interview with Biff Byford 13th December 2011








One of the most celebrated and successful Scottish folk bands of recent times, Breabach command the stage with flare, charisma and a sound that is as expansive as it is distinct.


Band members:

Megan Henderson - Fiddle & Vocals

James Lindsay - Double Bass, Vocals, Ebow & Percussion

Calum MacCrimmon - Bagpipe, Whistles, Bouzouki, Vocals & Jews Harp

James Duncan Mackenzie - Bagpipe, Flute, Whistles & Vocals

Ewan Robertson - Guitar, Vocals & Cajon


On-air Phone Interview with Megan Henderson 27th February 2012








Two music producing, tea drinking, radio show presenting, industry critiquing, cake loving, studio gear buying, blog writing chaps from the rainy city, Manchester.


Group Members:

Mike Burgess

James Medina


Simon Abberley Interviewing Mike Burgess  16th March 2012


30 second clip of 'Backfoot' Released March 24th 2012 on Champion Records





Paul Field is a British Christian musician and songwriter, his songs have been recorded on many occasions by Cliff Richard.


Paul Field

Paul Field


On-air Phone Interview with Paul on  17th March 2012







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