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Why I love radio and Nevis Radio

I grew up in the Sixties, the age of black and white television and only one channel, BBC One. Grampian Television was no longer being piped in. Unable to stay up late and watch television with the grown-ups I was sent to bed early but I didn’t mind. I had a solid state transistor radio under my pillow. I would listen to Radio Caroline and later Radio Luxembourg. I heard for the first time the amazing sounds of the Sixties, music from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Who.

Eventually I started twisting the dial, hopping from station to station, hoping to find voices that matched my mood, and as I gradually discovered new programmes my radio became much more than an inanimate object in the corner of my room.

Radio is an integral part of our everyday lives. We make appointments with our favourite programmes and become attached to the familiar, reassuring voices of the presenters we tune into every day. Radio binds communities together, is an invaluable source of entertainment for elderly, the blind, for those who live alone, for commuters, long-distance drivers, places of work. Radio affects everyone. It allows people to vent frustration, communicate unrequited love, engage in political debate, hear new music. It makes people laugh, happy, informs them of events, developing situations, stories that they would not otherwise hear. It has an immediacy, whether it is Chamberlain stating that war on Germany is declared or David Og announcing the Royal marriage of William and Kate.

Over the years radio has continued to evolve, from the BBC Home Service in the 1930’s through to pirate radio and the birth of Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4. Now there is Community Radio and Small Independent Radio Stations.

In the Sixties we watched our one channel and saw old black and white movies of Arthur Askey and Norman Wisdom but we didn’t really take to them. However come Hogmanany we saw Scottish comedians such as Stanley Baxter and Lex MacLean and later Norman Maclean and Billy Connolly. We took to these Scottish Comedians with relish, Scottish voices that we warmed to. It was the same with radio. To hear Scottish voices in the morning as we ate our toast and fixed our hair was reassuring, safe and comfortable. When Nevis Radio started it was even more engaging to hear local voices and Nevis Radio became the Voice of Lochaber.

Nevis Radio got strongly behind the ‘Save The Belford Campaign’, we turn our attention now to the A82 and the safety of the A830. We are here to support the community and it’s great to hear local voices and getting the craic across Lochaber. That’s why I love Nevis Radio.

Lachie Mor MacDougall, Chairman of Nevis Community Radio Action Group Nevis CRAG

The Friends and supporters of Nevis Radio



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  • Lachie Mor: Feasgar Mhath Lochaber.. Here's another HOOLIE ! Smile
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  • Lachie Mor: Isobel on air
  • Lachie Mor: Feasgar Mhath Lochaber
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  • Scott: Can you play avicii falling please
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