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Eileen Ross

Hear Eileen
Fridays - 19:00 to 21:00

I joined the radio about a year after it started so about 16 years or so ago.  Helped on other shows, trained some of the young people and eventually was given my own show. The first track I played on Nevis Radio was Dire Straits, 'Walk of Life'.

I have three children, all are away from home now. Am also a Granny...a very proud one...the phrase 'must remember to act my age, not shoe size' has been thought about but rejected. Much more fun that way.
Working full time means I cannot help out as much as I would like to at the radio, but I do what I can and think we have a brilliant radio station which has been built up over the years by a dedicated bunch of volunteers. I currently present 'Rock off' on Friday evenings which I hope takes into account folks taste in music and can include tracks from all round the world.

I love music, reading, outdoor stuff and enjoy photography as well. I hope folks enjoy the selection of pictures from my travels. Remember...keep tuned to Nevis Radio...any dedications then get in touch via the website...look forward to hearing from you."

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  • OliverSudden: Tonight Andy Deluvian joins me for another programme of music to caress your ears and chat which will make you sit up
  • Lachie Mor: That's another HOOLIE.. Oidche Mhath Maa Haa
  • Lachie Mor: Good Evening Feasgar Mhath Lochaber Smile
  • Lachie Mor: Here goes another HOOLIE hetre at Nevis Radio Smile
  • OliverSudden: Welcome to the most ridiculously eclectic choice of music. Hope you enjoy.
  • Lachie Mor: Oidche Mhath Maa Haa.. Goodnight Smile
  • Lachie Mor: Sláinthe Mhath! Ciamar a tha thu? Shaa Groovy
  • Lachie Mor: Capitals eh? Feasgar Mhath Lochaber !! Smile
  • Lachie Mor: fEASGAR mHATH lOCHABER Smile
  • Lachie Mor: Hey I'm back with another HOOLIE! Smile
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