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Thursday, 24 April 2014

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Nevis Breakfast with David Ogg Monday to Friday 7-11. Weekend Breakfast 8-10 with Gary and Jean
The Afternoon show weekdays with Simon Abberley 12-4
Your Nevis Drive with a different presenter daily! 4-6
Contact us - 82055 text 'Nevis' or call on 01397 706100! Twitter: @nevisradio Facebook:nevisradioofficial
The Weekly Vodafone Top 40 with Rich and Kat! Sundays from 16:00
Andy's Ceilidh - 2 hours of traditional Scottish music. Tuesdays from 19:00
Your weekly dose of New and classic country! Wednesdays from 19:00
A Mix of New independent music of all styles! Mondays from 21:00
Everything pre 2000 to make your weekend easier! Saturdays from 10:00
Friday Nights just got louder! Fridays from 21:00
Scottish, Country and more... Thursdays from 20:00
The Best in Irish and American Country! Sundays from 13:00

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Latest Message: 8 hours, 30 minutes ago
  • Sy: Guest 807 - we appreciate honest feedback. Please know that as a community station everyone volunteers therefore most shows reflect the volunteers tastes in music as thier interest. Unfortunately as our presenters are volunteers they have limited time available to do shows so cannot be altered much. Do you fancy a go? Smile
  • guest_807: Seriously needs up-to-date DJs. Shows make no sense one minute your listening to 70s music then 2014 then 90s. Sort it out. Such poor quality and cheesy radio. Only aimed at 55 years+
  • guest_9476: Sounding good, Meat - from The Johnster
  • guest_901: hey, can u play sunshine on leith ... thank, mark
  • Sy: Hello Annette how are you today?
  • Annette: Very Happy
  • ste in black: achey va maha
  • Stephan+Cari: Goodnight to all Very Happy
  • ste in black: okiedokie see you soon
  • Lachie Mor: Well that's nearly it.. Gary is on next.. Oidche Mhath Maa Haaaa Very Happy
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