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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

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Non Stop Nevis
Nevis Breakfast with David Ogg Monday to Friday 7-11. Weekend Breakfast 8-10 with Gary and Jean
The Afternoon show weekdays with Simon Abberley 12-4
Your Nevis Drive with a different presenter daily! 4-6
Contact us - 82055 text 'Nevis' or call on 01397 706100! Twitter: @nevisradio Facebook:nevisradioofficial
The Weekly Vodafone Top 40 with Rich and Kat! Sundays from 16:00
Andy's Ceilidh - 2 hours of traditional Scottish music. Tuesdays from 19:00
Your weekly dose of New and classic country! Wednesdays from 19:00
A Mix of New independent music of all styles! Mondays from 21:00
Everything pre 2000 to make your weekend easier! Saturdays from 10:00
Friday Nights just got louder! Fridays from 21:00
Scottish, Country and more... Thursdays from 20:00
The Best in Irish and American Country! Sundays from 13:00

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Latest Message: 7 hours, 11 minutes ago
  • Lachie Mor: Wotcha think? A Bourach or what.. I'll be back with The HOOLIE next Monday.. Oidche Mhath Maa Haaaa Very Happy
  • Lachie Mor: Show it's a Bit Of A Bourach that's a messture o' music to you.. Hope you enjoy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
  • Lachie Mor: We're notOliver Sudden tonight but Lachie Mor Laughing Laughing
  • Lachie Mor: Feasgar Mhath Lochaber.. Here goes another Bourach.. Very Happy Very Happy
  • Sy: We should be back on air online with you now...
  • Simon: Streaming has been suspended for essential equipment upgrades. We will be back on air later today.... hopefully... lol
  • Wolfgang+Gud: Goodnight from vienna
  • Lachie Mor: Oidche Mhath Maa Haaaaaaaa Very Happy
  • Wolfgang+Gud: Andy m. Stewart - god's Voice WHO ist donnie Munro help MY wife is killing me Very Happy
  • Stephan+Cari: There it is...The Caller Very Happy
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